The Importance Of Quality Fascia And Soffits

While you may not think much about your home’s fascia and soffits, they are an integral part of its protection and your enjoyment of life within its walls. Soffits and fascia are multipurpose, acting as security guards protecting your home from moisture, leading to mold and decay. Apart from the gutters and roofing tiles, fascia and soffits are the two most vital components of your roofing construction.

The Soffit

Soffits are the planks attached to your roof’s overhang and are typically made from vinyl, aluminum, or wood. They contain small openings so that your ceiling can breathe, providing natural ventilation that keeps heat and humidity from building up in the roof. This venting prevents structural beams from rotting from moisture buildup, which can cause significant damage to your roof and your home.


Fascia works in tandem with soffits. The fascia is the open plank in front of the roof’s canopy that typically has the gutter attached. It is highly visible and adds to your home’s overall curb appeal.

How Soffit & Fascia Support A Healthy Home

By circulating heat and humidity out of the attic, soffits and fascia help to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Heat and moisture create condensation if the air is allowed to remain stagnant, which leads to mold growth and wood rot. The rot caused by condensation can mistakenly be attributed to roof leakage, leading homeowners down an expensive path.

Soffit & Fascia Quality Matters

Soffits and fascia not only provide protection for your home but also add to its overall curb appeal and increase its energy efficiency. The better condition your soffit and fascia materials are in, and the higher quality they are, increase the long-term benefits of lower utility costs and increased return on investment.

Keeping Soffits & Fascia In Working Order

As major components of your home’s defense against weather, the condition and quality of its soffits and fascia are crucial to conserving energy and ensuring proper ventilation. Gutter systems are vital to this system and direct water off the roof and away from home. Any gutters that are clogged should be cleared and maintained to prevent water build-up, leading to the degradation of soffit and fascia quality.

Consider having a professional gutter cleaning and installation company inspect, and if necessary clean and repair your gutter system as well as your soffits and fascia to ensure your home is protected to the fullest.

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