Siding Cleaning

Siding and deck cleaning

There are a few household tasks that fill us with dread and it may be that in your home you would prefer not to have to clean the deck and the siding. However, with professional siding and deck cleaning services on hand in the form of The Gutter People, you don’t have to!

Over time the siding on your home can become very dirty. Remember that it is dealing with the elements the whole time and in harsh weather it can acquire a bit of dirt and debris. Keeping deck and siding clean will mean that you are ensuring that the value of your house remains where it should be – dirty or damaged siding and deck can devalue your home. If you are trying to sell your home you will soon find out the benefit of siding and deck cleaning.

A professional power washing service or other cleaning service can restore siding and deck to its former glory in no time at all. The power of a jet washer means that years of dirt and debris can be removed in no time at all. The best of the year to have this work carried out (even though it can be done whenever needed) is in the spring. It removes the dirt that has accumulated over winter and prepares it for the summer.

Finding the right siding and deck cleaning company is easier than you might think. Look for a company that gives you a competitive quote for the work, one that has the right equipment and one that has expertise in power washing and other cleaning methods to keep your home in tip top condition. The Gutter People will give you a quote that will be hard to beat.

Deck cleaning

You spend more time outdoors in the summer so your deck is more likely to be in regular use and you don’t want anyone slipping on moss or algae that has accumulated. Professional cleaning companies will be able to deal with whichever type of deck you have in place, from wood deck to vinyl. Dirt is quickly blasted away to reveal a surface that looks as good as new. Remember that if you do not regularly clean your deck the dirt will start to damage the surface and over time will ensure that cleaning is not enough – you could find yourself in the position of having to carry out repairs and replacements.

Remember that when you put the deck in place you probably spent quite a bit of money in getting it exactly the way you want it and you do want to be able to use it on a regular basis. Cleaning is a way of protecting this investment and ensuring that it does add to the value of your home. Even if you have opted for low-maintenance deck you will still need to clean it regularly.

Whether you have opted for natural wood for your deck or another material such as composite boards, The Gutter People will have the right cleaning solution for you. Talk to a member of our team about how we can help to make your deck look as though you have only just had it installed.

Power washing the house

When you buy a house that has siding installed it may not occur to you that there is much maintenance involved, but it is really important to look after it and the first step for this is power washing. Keep in mind that your home is probably the most expensive thing that you will ever buy but keeping it looking great will not cost very much at all.

Siding can acquire a lot of dirt and debris over time and occasionally even mildew will form. Consider the position of your home. Do you live on a dusty road? Is there any protection from the elements? If the siding has a textured finish this offers the dirt something of a resting place and it will not be long before your home appears unloved and in need of a makeover.

Keeping the siding clean will help to make sure that your home appears at its best all the time and it is such a quick and easy task for a professional firm like The Gutter People. Power washing and the right cleaning solution can help to make your siding feel as good as new again.

Remember that siding comes in many different materials and textures so if you are unsure about the cleaning that you need, talk to the experts at The Gutter People. Our team will assess your siding and determine which methods of cleaning are going to be the best ones for you.

The Gutter People have the advantage of being able to help you with all aspects of cleaning and maintenance for the exterior of your home so why not call today and find out how we can help to transform the look of your home in just a few hours?