Don’t Let Your Home Look That Scary! 5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

We know Halloween is coming up, but you don’t want your house actually to look abandoned and haunted, do you? Although gutters typically last for years and years (up to two decades) and provide you with a clean and safe home, they’re eventually going to need to be replaced, whether you’ve been taking care of them or not.

Now we’re all for spooky Halloween decorations in October, but we don’t want you to sacrifice your gutters to increase your home’s scare factor. It could end up causing significant damage to your home. At The Gutter People, we provide gutter cleaning in Paoli, PA, as well as other local areas, and we’ll also replace your gutters if needed. Here are five signs that your gutters need to be replaced:

  1. They’re sagging or pulling away from the roof – This is a big sign that you should replace your gutters. They’re practically screaming, “replace me!” If they’re sagging or pulling away, it could lead to water pooling in certain areas and possibly spilling over. Prevent this by having them replaced.
  1. There are rusty spots, cracks, or holes – Obviously, if you see any of these problems, you’ll want to get them repaired right away. If you see multiple cracks, holes or particularly rusty spots, then you might need to get them replaced altogether.
  1. Several fasteners are broken – The fasteners are the pieces of metal on your gutter that hold it together. If one or more of them are broken, it can cause your gutter to break apart which could lead to water damage on the rest of your home.
  1. Your basement or property is flooded – Needless to say, if your gutter is damaged and it’s leading to flooding in your basement of other parts of your property, it’s time to get your gutter replaced.
  1. Paint is peeling – If you find paint peeling either on your gutter or the side of your home, this usually indicates that your gutters aren’t doing their job. We recommend looking into having them replaced before more damage is done.

You can also find out about our gutter guards in Gladwyne, PA, and other areas. To learn more about gutter replacement and repair in Penn Valley, PA, give us a call at 610-643-4503.

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