Determining The Right Gutter Design For Your Roof

Roofs provide a structural barrier for homes, but they also help define their architectural style. Roofs draw the eye to the angles of a home, giving shading in just the right areas and accentuating the features of the property. Roofs also determine your gutter design.

Design Of Your Roof Matter

The best gutter design for your home will stem from your roof design and how it directs water during a storm. A roof design that supports a structure and operates appropriately controlling water flow will easily allow water to slide off into a system that quickly drains it away from your home. If the roof is set up incorrectly, it could lead to erosion, clogged gutters and downspouts, and water seeping into areas under the roofline.

For your home’s gutter system to work correctly, it should match the design of your roof. To help you determine what system will best meet your needs, here are two of the most common roof designs and their appropriate gutter configurations.

Double Gable Roof

A double gable roof is one of the more traditional roofing designs used in homes across the country. This roof style has two sloping sides that meet in a ridge, creating walls with triangle-shaped extensions. Double gable roofs feature a myriad of configurations. Typically, this setup requires end gutters on two sides of the roof to form a rectangle.

While fewer gutters and downspouts are necessary for this configuration, the double gable roof can be susceptible to drainage issues. The dormers that protrude from the top will also need to be considered for gutters so that water is directed away appropriately and roof erosion is kept at bay.

Metal And Steel Roofs

Metal and steel roofs are popular due to their longevity and durability. However, these roofs can be tricky when it comes to gutter design as they provide less friction to slow the speed of water runoff. The rate and velocity that water travels can quickly overtax any gutter system, especially in heavy downpours.

If your home is located in a heavy rain region and has a metal or steel roof, wear and tear on channels and downspouts can occur due to annual rains or snow accumulations. Gutter systems for these roofs should be carefully and professionally designed and installed to ensure your home is safe from the harsh effects of water.

When your roof is ready for a new gutter system, make sure you consider its design when choosing the appropriate products and configuration to most effectively direct water flow from your home.

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