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Clogged And Broken Gutters Can Cause Damage To Your Home

Fall leaves may be beautiful to look at, but they can wreak havoc on your home’s gutters. Gutter systems fall prey each year to an array of issues that result from clogs and debris. While digging leaves and limbs from your gutter may not sound like fun, it is imperative to keeping your home safe from water damage and other issues that result from clogged or damaged gutters. 

Our homes are protected by our gutters designed to divert water off and away from our house. When gutters are damaged and clogged, they can not perform their roles properly, and a host of issues can arise. The following are a few of the problems caused by gutters that are not working correctly. 

Broken Gutters

Clogged gutters hold water, which adds extra weight to the systems they are not designed to withstand. When this water has no place to go, it can fill your gutter system to the brim, creating a weight that begins to weaken the gutter material. Cracks and breaks eventually form, and gutters can even dislodge from your home under pressure.

Damage To Walls And Ceilings

Clogged gutters can cause problems for your home’s walls and ceilings as well. When water is trapped in the gutters, it can begin to rot the fascia boards to which they are mounted. This allows for moisture to creep into areas of your home that it is not intended to be in, increasing the chances of water damage to your interior beams, walls, and ceilings.

Foundation Concerns

It is estimated that for every inch of rain, more than 1,200 gallons of water pour down your home’s roof. A reliable gutter system is designed to channel that water off your roof and into the ground quickly. Busted, leaking, and poorly designed gutters can allow that water to spill over the walls of your home, causing it to pool on the ground around your foundation. Standing water can cause erosion to your home’s foundation, which leads to a host of expensive and expansive repairs

Pest Infestations

Pooling water in your gutters can also attract a variety of pests to your home. Mosquitos love stagnant water to lay their eggs, and damp mud and leaves create inviting places for bees and wasps to live. Spiders, roaches, and other pests also enjoy when leaves and debris rot and decay, so leaving your gutters clogged with these materials can be the beginning of a lengthy and troublesome pest infestation. 

Professional Gutter Cleaning

While you may have the urge to climb up on your ladder to clean and repair your gutters yourself, consider hiring a professional gutter cleaning company such as The Gutter People to handle the dirty work for you. It can be dangerous work and hard work, and having the right tools and experience is necessary so that your gutters are not damaged in the cleaning process. 

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Three Big Problems with Unattended Gutters

How important are your gutters to the integrity of your property?

If you don’t have a lot of property experience, you might be tempted to think that gutters are just a small detail, and really no big deal. After all, what’s the real utility of making water flow in very specific ways as it comes off of a roof?

If you do have property experience, though, you know that every dollar you put into gutter maintenance is a dollar well spent. You don’t want to neglect this aspect of your home or property!

Plants Growing in Gutters

When gutters are not properly cleaned out and inspected, things build up quickly. You may have dirt and organic material stacked up inside a gutter, and seeds deposited there by natural processes that can start to grow within just a season or two. Then you have vegetation growing out of the end of your roof, which can clog drain pipes and introduce other problems.

Loose Gutters and Drainage Systems

It’s not uncommon to see part of a gutter or downspout hanging off of a roof or wall, often above where someone can reach without a ladder.

Along with depositing water where it shouldn’t be, loose systems can cause damage over time, by knocking against structures in the wind, or falling down and becoming obstacles in the ground. This isn’t just a nuisance (for example, maybe your kid cries about a scraping or banging sound in the night) – it can also do damage to your siding or other parts of your property, and in some ways, it’s a safety hazard. 

Pooling and Building Footprints

This problem is a major one that property owners need to consider.

When your gutters are not working properly for any reason, water can start to pool in areas of the ground adjacent to the building’s foundation. The building can start to settle, and cracks can appear in the foundation, or other similar issues can allow water to leak into the basement. Without good intervention, some of these problems can jeopardize the structural integrity of the building, which is a serious issue. Over time, you can get the dreaded “slant” where your floors are no longer level, and you have a big problem. 

At The Gutter People, we have the experience that you need to keep your property in good condition. We know that not every property owner can get up on a ladder! That’s what you have us for. Call before you encounter evident problems with your property, to benefit from excellent preventative maintenance. 

3 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Gutter System

Natural disasters cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the United States each year. When dangerous storms move into your area, having a functional gutter system in place is vital. These systems will be able to collect the water these storms produce and filter it away from your home’s foundation and roof. 

If the gutter system attached to your home is old or damaged, avoiding water damage will be difficult. There will come a time when your existing gutter system will have to be replaced. When this time comes, hiring professionals to install the new gutters is a wise move. The following are some reasons why replacing your gutter system is a good idea. 

1. Your Trim Paint is Peeling

As a homeowner, you need to make a habit of inspecting the exterior of your residence. When looking at the exterior of your home, pay attention to the condition of your trim paint. If you notice that this paint is peeling, you may have a damaged gutter system. Leaking or full gutters will allow water to hit the trim it is attached to. 

If these areas are flooded, the trim on your home will be waterlogged and damaged. Not only will you need to replace your gutter system to fix this problem, you also need to replace the damaged trim pieces. In some cases, wet wood can start to mold. Instead of dealing with this dangerous mold, you need to replace the trim pieces immediately. 

2. Puddles Near Your Home’s Foundation

Once a particularly bad storm has passed through your area, take some time to look at your gutter system. If you notice large puddles of water around your home’s foundation, chances are your gutter system is not performing well. The longer this water is allowed to sit around your foundation, the harder it will be to avoid damage. 

Home foundations that are damaged can cause wall cracks and flooring problems. By investing in a new gutter system, you can keep your home’s foundation dry and damage-free. Allowing experienced professionals to install these gutters can help you avoid problems. 

3. Splits in Gutter Sections

When inspecting your gutter system, be sure to look for loose fasteners and cracks. Over time, the gutters on your home will take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature. Eventually, the continuous exposure to the elements will cause cracking or rusting. Simply patching the cracks in your gutter system will only fix your problems temporarily. 

While replacing your gutter system will be costly, it is definitely a good investment. Choosing the right gutters and getting them installed correctly is much easier with professional help. Taking on this complicated process alone can be disastrous.  The mistakes you make during a DIY gutter installation can haunt you for years, which is why hiring professionals is a must.

Take Action Now!

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Tell-Tale Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Tell-Tale Signs You Need Gutter Repair

If there is a failing downspout or gutter on your home, it is important to take action right away. This issue may cause even more expensive problems if repairs aren’t made in a timely manner. Some of the other signs it is time to invest in gutter repair can be found below.

Overflowing Gutters

It isn’t uncommon to deal with overflowing gutters. This occurs when your gutters or your downspouts become clogged with debris such as leaves or twigs. Clogged gutters don’t automatically mean that repairs are necessary, sometimes you can simply clean them. Usually, you will see evidence of clogged gutters or downspouts during a storm or hard rain. This is when rainwater will start running over the side.

Usually, clogged downspouts and gutters are easy to repair. Sometimes, the leaves just sit on top of the exit hole in the gutter. If this is the case, removing the debris is all you have to do. If enough time has passed since this has happened, more leaves, water, and snow may push the debris down into the downspout. If this happens, the downspout should be cleaned, too.

Another potential issue that can cause an overflowing gutter is if the angle or pitch is not set properly. If the gutter is perfectly level, it won’t drain like it should. The gutter should be a bit lower at the end where the water goes into the downspout.

Gutter Detachment

This problem occurs if the gutter was not installed properly

 or if debris have been left in the gutters or downspout for long periods of time. If this happens, the weight may cause the gutters to pull away from the house. At this point, gutters need to be repaired, or they may fall completely.

Sagging Gutters

There are a few things that may cause your gutters to sag. It could be caused by excessive debris, a tree branch hitting the gutter, a gutter that was not installed properly, or wear and tear. Also, vinyl gutters tend to sag more often than aluminum gutters.

Cracked Foundation or Pooling Water

If you start seeing water pooling near your house or if there are cracks in your foundation, look up. Sometimes, this is caused by faulty gutters. At this point, repair or replacement is needed.

Gutters and downspouts work properly when water is diverted away from your home or another building. If the water isn’t being sent away, it may begin pooling close to your house, which will cause problems, like cracks in your foundation. This is an expensive issue, so don’t ignore the problem.

Call the Professionals for Gutter Repair Services

Your gutter system is a crucial part of your home. If there are problems, now is the time to take action. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become and the more money it will cost to repair. When it is time for gutter repair or replacement, make sure to call the pros. They will ensure you get the quality gutter system you need.

Why Investing in Professional Gutter Cleaning is a Wise Move


American property owners spend around 4% of their home’s value on maintenance and repairs annually. Most homeowners realize that without the proper amount of maintenance, it is only a matter of time before parts of their residence fall into a state of disrepair. The gutter system attached to your home will only stay functional if it is properly maintained. 

A crucial part of this maintenance is having your gutter system cleaned. Due to the complexity involved in cleaning a gutter system, you need to hire professionals to do this work. Below are some reasons why hiring a professional gutter cleaning company is a wise move. 

Keep Your Roof Damage-Free

Listening to a rainstorm from the inside of your home can be quite relaxing. However, if the water produced by the rainstorm makes its way into your home’s interior, it can cause a lot of damage. One of the main things you need to do when trying to keep your home’s roof in good shape is to properly maintain your gutter system. If the gutters attached to your home are filled with debris, they will be unable to remove water from the roof. 

The longer water is allowed to sit on your roof, the higher the risk becomes of permanent damage occurring. The last thing you want is for your roof to start sagging. This is why hiring professionals to remove the debris in your gutter system is imperative. A professional will have the tools and experience needed to get this work done quickly and correctly. 

Avoid Foundation Problems

Some homeowners think that the gutter system is only designed to remove water from their roofs. In reality, this system also helps to filter water away from a home’s foundation. If water is allowed to pool around a home’s foundation, it is only a matter of time before problems occur. 

A cracked foundation can result in a lot of damage being done to the inside of your home. If you notice pooling around your home’s foundation, chances are you need to invest in professional gutter cleaning. The money spent on this professional cleaning will pale in comparison to the foundational damage that can occur without it. 

Extend the Lifespan of Your Gutter System

Finding ways to minimize the costs associated with owning a home is not easy. If you ignore the need for routine gutter maintenance, it is only a matter of time before you have to replace them completely. This is very expensive, which is why you need to focus on keeping your existing gutter system functional. 

If you are unsure about what needs to be done to your gutter system, allowing professionals to take a look is a must. Once they have performed a thorough inspection, these professionals can give you a breakdown of how to restore functionality to your gutter system. 

Do You Need a Professional Gutter Cleaning?

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4 Pests That Might be Hiding in Your Gutters

We hate to be the bearer of bad news (especially around the holiday season), but unless you’ve recently had your gutters cleaned out, there’s a strong possibility you have some unwanted critters living in them. But the good news is, you can keep them as pets! Just kidding, please don’t do that.

Here at The Gutter People, we want what’s best for you and your gutters. We provide gutter cleaning services as well as gutter repairs in Penn Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas, to keep you, your family, and your home happy and healthy. If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned out or checked recently, please consider letting us take a look. Because, we bet that you’d rather not have any pests living in your gutters this winter. In fact, here are four of them that could be hiding there right now:

  1. Mosquitoes – Since they’re no longer biting, you might think that mosquitoes have died off and disappeared for the winter. There are certainly fewer mosquitoes around when it’s not hot and humid, but there still could be some lurking about, waiting for a chance to spread disease.
  1. Rodents – Fortunately, if any rodents are living in your gutters, then you’ll probably know it. You’ll most likely be able to hear them scrambling about up there, looking to get inside your home before the winter truly begins.
  1. Bees, wasps, and hornets – Since these kinds of pests love being around water, gutters that are filled with debris and leaves will eventually become a breeding ground for bees, wasps, and hornets. Many times, they’ll build a nest and become aggressive if someone tries to destroy it.
  1. Birds – Sure, birds are nice to have around, but do you really want them hanging out in your gutters? We didn’t think so. When birds build nests in your gutter system, it may lead to other (worse) creatures taking up residence of their own.

Now that you know what may or may not be living in your gutters as you’re reading this, it’s time to take action. Have your gutters in Media, PA, and other local areas, checked and cleaned before winter starts knocking. To learn more about our expert gutter cleaning services, contact us at 610-643-4503.