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Tell-Tale Signs You Need Gutter Repair

Tell-Tale Signs You Need Gutter Repair

If there is a failing downspout or gutter on your home, it is important to take action right away. This issue may cause even more expensive problems if repairs aren’t made in a timely manner. Some of the other signs it is time to invest in gutter repair can be found below.

Overflowing Gutters

It isn’t uncommon to deal with overflowing gutters. This occurs when your gutters or your downspouts become clogged with debris such as leaves or twigs. Clogged gutters don’t automatically mean that repairs are necessary, sometimes you can simply clean them. Usually, you will see evidence of clogged gutters or downspouts during a storm or hard rain. This is when rainwater will start running over the side.

Usually, clogged downspouts and gutters are easy to repair. Sometimes, the leaves just sit on top of the exit hole in the gutter. If this is the case, removing the debris is all you have to do. If enough time has passed since this has happened, more leaves, water, and snow may push the debris down into the downspout. If this happens, the downspout should be cleaned, too.

Another potential issue that can cause an overflowing gutter is if the angle or pitch is not set properly. If the gutter is perfectly level, it won’t drain like it should. The gutter should be a bit lower at the end where the water goes into the downspout.

Gutter Detachment

This problem occurs if the gutter was not installed properly

 or if debris have been left in the gutters or downspout for long periods of time. If this happens, the weight may cause the gutters to pull away from the house. At this point, gutters need to be repaired, or they may fall completely.

Sagging Gutters

There are a few things that may cause your gutters to sag. It could be caused by excessive debris, a tree branch hitting the gutter, a gutter that was not installed properly, or wear and tear. Also, vinyl gutters tend to sag more often than aluminum gutters.

Cracked Foundation or Pooling Water

If you start seeing water pooling near your house or if there are cracks in your foundation, look up. Sometimes, this is caused by faulty gutters. At this point, repair or replacement is needed.

Gutters and downspouts work properly when water is diverted away from your home or another building. If the water isn’t being sent away, it may begin pooling close to your house, which will cause problems, like cracks in your foundation. This is an expensive issue, so don’t ignore the problem.

Call the Professionals for Gutter Repair Services

Your gutter system is a crucial part of your home. If there are problems, now is the time to take action. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become and the more money it will cost to repair. When it is time for gutter repair or replacement, make sure to call the pros. They will ensure you get the quality gutter system you need.

Why Investing in Professional Gutter Cleaning is a Wise Move


American property owners spend around 4% of their home’s value on maintenance and repairs annually. Most homeowners realize that without the proper amount of maintenance, it is only a matter of time before parts of their residence fall into a state of disrepair. The gutter system attached to your home will only stay functional if it is properly maintained. 

A crucial part of this maintenance is having your gutter system cleaned. Due to the complexity involved in cleaning a gutter system, you need to hire professionals to do this work. Below are some reasons why hiring a professional gutter cleaning company is a wise move. 

Keep Your Roof Damage-Free

Listening to a rainstorm from the inside of your home can be quite relaxing. However, if the water produced by the rainstorm makes its way into your home’s interior, it can cause a lot of damage. One of the main things you need to do when trying to keep your home’s roof in good shape is to properly maintain your gutter system. If the gutters attached to your home are filled with debris, they will be unable to remove water from the roof. 

The longer water is allowed to sit on your roof, the higher the risk becomes of permanent damage occurring. The last thing you want is for your roof to start sagging. This is why hiring professionals to remove the debris in your gutter system is imperative. A professional will have the tools and experience needed to get this work done quickly and correctly. 

Avoid Foundation Problems

Some homeowners think that the gutter system is only designed to remove water from their roofs. In reality, this system also helps to filter water away from a home’s foundation. If water is allowed to pool around a home’s foundation, it is only a matter of time before problems occur. 

A cracked foundation can result in a lot of damage being done to the inside of your home. If you notice pooling around your home’s foundation, chances are you need to invest in professional gutter cleaning. The money spent on this professional cleaning will pale in comparison to the foundational damage that can occur without it. 

Extend the Lifespan of Your Gutter System

Finding ways to minimize the costs associated with owning a home is not easy. If you ignore the need for routine gutter maintenance, it is only a matter of time before you have to replace them completely. This is very expensive, which is why you need to focus on keeping your existing gutter system functional. 

If you are unsure about what needs to be done to your gutter system, allowing professionals to take a look is a must. Once they have performed a thorough inspection, these professionals can give you a breakdown of how to restore functionality to your gutter system. 

Do You Need a Professional Gutter Cleaning?

If your gutters are due for a cleaning, it is time to contact the professionals at The Gutter People.

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4 Pests That Might be Hiding in Your Gutters

We hate to be the bearer of bad news (especially around the holiday season), but unless you’ve recently had your gutters cleaned out, there’s a strong possibility you have some unwanted critters living in them. But the good news is, you can keep them as pets! Just kidding, please don’t do that.

Here at The Gutter People, we want what’s best for you and your gutters. We provide gutter cleaning services as well as gutter repairs in Penn Valley, PA, and the surrounding areas, to keep you, your family, and your home happy and healthy. If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned out or checked recently, please consider letting us take a look. Because, we bet that you’d rather not have any pests living in your gutters this winter. In fact, here are four of them that could be hiding there right now:

  1. Mosquitoes – Since they’re no longer biting, you might think that mosquitoes have died off and disappeared for the winter. There are certainly fewer mosquitoes around when it’s not hot and humid, but there still could be some lurking about, waiting for a chance to spread disease.
  1. Rodents – Fortunately, if any rodents are living in your gutters, then you’ll probably know it. You’ll most likely be able to hear them scrambling about up there, looking to get inside your home before the winter truly begins.
  1. Bees, wasps, and hornets – Since these kinds of pests love being around water, gutters that are filled with debris and leaves will eventually become a breeding ground for bees, wasps, and hornets. Many times, they’ll build a nest and become aggressive if someone tries to destroy it.
  1. Birds – Sure, birds are nice to have around, but do you really want them hanging out in your gutters? We didn’t think so. When birds build nests in your gutter system, it may lead to other (worse) creatures taking up residence of their own.

Now that you know what may or may not be living in your gutters as you’re reading this, it’s time to take action. Have your gutters in Media, PA, and other local areas, checked and cleaned before winter starts knocking. To learn more about our expert gutter cleaning services, contact us at 610-643-4503.

How to Get Your Gutters Ready for the Winter

As the fall season comes to an end, winter will be here before you can say, “Oh no, snow!” And while some people may be dreaming of a white Christmas, others are dreading the snowy and icy weather. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your home and your gutters are ready for any nasty weather during the upcoming winter and even up until next spring.

At The Gutter People, we’re experts when it comes to gutters, and we’d like to help you protect your home by offering you gutter cleaning services in Wynnewood, PA, and other local areas. Along with cleaning, we also offer gutter repair and replacement, and we’d like to help you prepare for winter. Here is how to get your gutters ready for winter:

  1. Clean out your gutters – This is the first task to complete when it comes to getting your gutters ready for winter. You can either do this yourself or hire a professional company to do it for you. At The Gutter People, that’s what we’re here for – to clear your gutters of leaves and debris that may take part in causing later damage to your home.
  1. Check for rust and leaks – Another crucial task that we can take care of: Checking for rust and leaks throughout your gutter system. If there are any leaks or rusty areas, be sure to take care of them right away to prevent any further damage, which could end up costing you more in the long run. We offer gutter repairs in Gladwyne, PA, and other local areas, in case you need it.
  1. Install gutter guards – There is another step you can take to increase the protection of your gutters and ultimately your home. Gutter guards are used to keep leaves, twigs and other debris out of your gutters, and help them work the way they’re meant to.

We hope this helps you prepare for the long winter ahead. Taking these steps will save you money in the long run by preventing serious damage to your home. To learn more about preparing your gutters for the winter, contact us at 610-643-4503.

Don’t Let Your Home Look That Scary! 5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

We know Halloween is coming up, but you don’t want your house actually to look abandoned and haunted, do you? Although gutters typically last for years and years (up to two decades) and provide you with a clean and safe home, they’re eventually going to need to be replaced, whether you’ve been taking care of them or not.

Now we’re all for spooky Halloween decorations in October, but we don’t want you to sacrifice your gutters to increase your home’s scare factor. It could end up causing significant damage to your home. At The Gutter People, we provide gutter cleaning in Paoli, PA, as well as other local areas, and we’ll also replace your gutters if needed. Here are five signs that your gutters need to be replaced:

  1. They’re sagging or pulling away from the roof – This is a big sign that you should replace your gutters. They’re practically screaming, “replace me!” If they’re sagging or pulling away, it could lead to water pooling in certain areas and possibly spilling over. Prevent this by having them replaced.
  1. There are rusty spots, cracks, or holes – Obviously, if you see any of these problems, you’ll want to get them repaired right away. If you see multiple cracks, holes or particularly rusty spots, then you might need to get them replaced altogether.
  1. Several fasteners are broken – The fasteners are the pieces of metal on your gutter that hold it together. If one or more of them are broken, it can cause your gutter to break apart which could lead to water damage on the rest of your home.
  1. Your basement or property is flooded – Needless to say, if your gutter is damaged and it’s leading to flooding in your basement of other parts of your property, it’s time to get your gutter replaced.
  1. Paint is peeling – If you find paint peeling either on your gutter or the side of your home, this usually indicates that your gutters aren’t doing their job. We recommend looking into having them replaced before more damage is done.

You can also find out about our gutter guards in Gladwyne, PA, and other areas. To learn more about gutter replacement and repair in Penn Valley, PA, give us a call at 610-643-4503.

The 3 Benefits of a Gutter Guard

Sigh…another day, another debris buildup in the gutter. If you find yourself frequently saying this about your gutter, it may be time for a gutter guard. Although they’re an overlooked feature of the home, they’re actually essential for preventing property damage caused by excessive rain and water.

At The Gutter People, we provide gutter guards in Wayne, PA, as well as other local areas, to give you a more protected gutter system, and ultimately give your home the protection it deserves. We find that the benefits of gutter guards outweigh the costs of installation by a longshot. They may even save you thousands of dollars that you would be spending on home repairs. Here are three benefits of a gutter guard:

1. No more clogged gutters – When you install a gutter guard, your gutter will no longer become clogged with leaves, sticks, and even the occasional tennis ball or kids toys. You won’t ever have to worry again about the clogged gutter leading to water damage or attracting insects like mosquitoes and even certain types of animals. They’re made of a sturdy gauge aluminum and are installed over the trough to keep unwanted things out. We recommend www.theshurflo.com guards but can also install other gutter guards.

2. Maintenance made easier – We have some of the best gutter guards in Villanova, PA, and the surrounding areas. Opting to have our team install a gutter guard for you is one of the best decisions you can make for the well-being of your home. It makes regular maintenance much easier for you.

3. Prevents broken and rusty gutters – As you may have learned, clogged gutters lead to water getting stuck, and water getting stuck leads to a number of problems including critters of all kinds and damage to parts of your house. But another problem it could lead to is damaging the gutter itself. Water taking up residency in your gutter for a while can cause it to become rusty and even broken. Our rain gutter guards in Villanova help prevent that.

These are three of the benefits you can get from a gutter guard. Installing them keeps the flow of water running smoothly and makes it much easier to keep them clean. To learn more about our gutter guards, contact us at 610-643-4503.