3 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Gutter System

Natural disasters cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the United States each year. When dangerous storms move into your area, having a functional gutter system in place is vital. These systems will be able to collect the water these storms produce and filter it away from your home’s foundation and roof. 

If the gutter system attached to your home is old or damaged, avoiding water damage will be difficult. There will come a time when your existing gutter system will have to be replaced. When this time comes, hiring professionals to install the new gutters is a wise move. The following are some reasons why replacing your gutter system is a good idea. 

1. Your Trim Paint is Peeling

As a homeowner, you need to make a habit of inspecting the exterior of your residence. When looking at the exterior of your home, pay attention to the condition of your trim paint. If you notice that this paint is peeling, you may have a damaged gutter system. Leaking or full gutters will allow water to hit the trim it is attached to. 

If these areas are flooded, the trim on your home will be waterlogged and damaged. Not only will you need to replace your gutter system to fix this problem, you also need to replace the damaged trim pieces. In some cases, wet wood can start to mold. Instead of dealing with this dangerous mold, you need to replace the trim pieces immediately. 

2. Puddles Near Your Home’s Foundation

Once a particularly bad storm has passed through your area, take some time to look at your gutter system. If you notice large puddles of water around your home’s foundation, chances are your gutter system is not performing well. The longer this water is allowed to sit around your foundation, the harder it will be to avoid damage. 

Home foundations that are damaged can cause wall cracks and flooring problems. By investing in a new gutter system, you can keep your home’s foundation dry and damage-free. Allowing experienced professionals to install these gutters can help you avoid problems. 

3. Splits in Gutter Sections

When inspecting your gutter system, be sure to look for loose fasteners and cracks. Over time, the gutters on your home will take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature. Eventually, the continuous exposure to the elements will cause cracking or rusting. Simply patching the cracks in your gutter system will only fix your problems temporarily. 

While replacing your gutter system will be costly, it is definitely a good investment. Choosing the right gutters and getting them installed correctly is much easier with professional help. Taking on this complicated process alone can be disastrous.  The mistakes you make during a DIY gutter installation can haunt you for years, which is why hiring professionals is a must.

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